Who are we

Al- Asmai Educational Group set out in 2010 , where the AL –Asmai Cultural Center was established which specializes in giving systematic courses for studying materials for all gardes .
The Sara Taher Hannoun private primary School that includes grades from the first to the sixth garde was established in 2014.
We aspire , God willing , to become a complete secondary school that includes grades from the first primary to the second secondary with its various branches .
In 2017 Al-Asmai Montessori Kindergarten was created , and it's the only kindergarten that adopts the Montessori System in Tulkarm Governorate .
In 2021 other branches for both the school and kindergarten were opened in Thanaba , near Abu Salah Furniture store.
Now in 2023 as we live in the world of technology and scientific progress, we must keep pace and join this progress and development .We had to open the Al-asmai Center For E-learning , which is an integrated platform , between teachers and Students .
May God help us to serve science and education.


Our vision is to make Distance Education a focused, supportive and sophisticated educational environment, work with a clear and reliable system, using the latest digital teaching methods to create an advanced educational system that simulates reality, strive to adhere to the education system in schools and make the Guardian an important element, after organizing the educational process in the simplest way as a means to provide our children with the development of their skills and educational level, introduce the distance education system in distance education, work on the development of distance education, develop distance education - this is an important transformation in the lives of students outside and inside Egypt.

Methodological study materials that we study for various stages